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Change your insights on the HR development solutions.

Tailor-made and high-end technology for higher engagement and performance.
Our unique technological products enable HR services to dedicate quality time to their core mission: THE HUMAN.
And therefore contribute to a significant improvement in productivity and engagement.
Artificial intelligence will revolutionize your way of working. It has already revolutionized ours.


Your time is precious. Our solutions do not wait for the next “system update” to integrate new features.

Within only 15 days, we can satisfy all your needs in terms of system evolution and the management of any further developments.


Our software is modeled after your needs and not the other way round.

In saas or licence mode, your requirements are our key driver: we guarantee to preserve your processes and workflows for an easy and quick use of the platform.


Artificial intelligence enables the total automation of several functionalities.

You will improve your efficiency in recruiting specific profiles or in identifying talents within your organisation using the latest technologies.

functional Coverage

A solution for all your needs.

Your imagination is the only limit.

Talent review

Measuring staff performance. Following their evolution.

At your demand, we cover the whole appraisal cycles, career and succession planning, as well as compensation evolutions.


Following all stages of the process.

Our solution allows and end-to-end coverage of the process: from job creation to onboarding, including the automated reply management, the hunting process, the career site and the candidate evaluation.



Manage, anticipate,improve.

We ensure your compliance with the work regulations in terms of learning, and we enable you to manage your present and future competence needs in connection with your talent review.

Work-life balance

Contribute to the enjoyment of your employees.

You can identify the reasons of poor quality of work-life and act efficiently and in real time. Investing in the wellbeing and engagement of your employees is a source of competitiveness, innovation and profitability.


HR Platform

Organisation and interface.

This module is the organizational base of CORIAHR.It hosts the staff reports, the functions, the Economic and Social Database and permits the connection with the different functionalities and any third party application.


Simple and efficient steering tools.

Thanks to a dedicated space, you will be able to manage precise and relevant transverse data in order to help HR and the management teams to take the best decisions.

The benefits

For the entire company

For the HR department

Efficiency and anticipation thanks to a product entirely developed for you and accessible anywhere.

We enable you to focus on the essential missions of your job and to save time.

You will be able to foster your staff engagement and loyalty, and to support your managers while empowering them for more responsibility.

For managers

Employees engagement and reward.

Our solutions support the managers in the decision making process related to their teams development.

They will be able to better follow their teams’ performance and work quality, while identifying the weak signals and rapidly deploy a stimulation programe.

For the employees

Transparency, accessibility and visibility.

Your employees will be able to access and manage their personal space and data.

In particular, a global vision of their career evolution, including clear and formal appraisals, and learning plans will be available.

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